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Family Photo Album
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This is my Family..



This is a picture of my Mom. She was the most beautiful person in the world. I lost her in September of 2005, and I miss her and think of her every day.
Aloha Oe Mama
Me Ke Aloha Pau'Ole

Mama and Me Christmas 2004



This is my Dad with his wife, Elizabeth, and my baby sister, Angelina. They live in Iowa, and though I don't get to see my baby sister much, I love her so very much.

Me and Angelina


My Sister

This is my sister Margaret and her family.. They are a crazy bunch, but I love them all. Even though Aaron broke my heart when he gave up Santa Clara University to go to community college.. All over a girl.. Go figure.

Margaret, Aaron, Marissa, and Ariana


My Brother

This is my brother Edward, with his wife Asako, and their daughter, Amy. He and I have not always seen eye to eye, but I love him just the same. And I know in his own strange way he loves me too. They also have two other children that are not in this picture.

Asako, Ken, Amy, and Elisa